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Subject: RE: Definition of business process

Nikola Stojanovic wrote:
>1) Specification and Model could be perceived as the same KindOf categories
>and don't need to be mutually exclusive. 

You are probably correct from some perspective.  I understood from
the context that "specification" meant XML DTD or Schema and
"model" meant UML or "not XML", but maybe I misunderstood.

>2) To do a Business using ebXML, everybody (SMEs included) will need to plug
>into a ebXML space => someone will need to do that mapping "aBusiness ->
>ebXMLSpace" and question for each Party would be how much will be needed to
>get there.

ebXMLSpace is intriguing.  Please explain more?
I might agree intensely.

>3) I hope that Business Process Meta Model will be Reflective
>(Introspective, ...) in order to adapt itself. Then the question "which
>artifacts would that be" might allow for possibly recursive Meta Models. And
>then we might have something like "aBusiness <-> ebXMLSpace".

As an old Smalltalk programmer, I could go along with that.
But how do you see that being implemented in ebXML?

Thanks for some interesting ideas (even if I don't completely
understand them yet),
Bob Haugen

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