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Subject: Re: Definition of business process

Bob Haugen wrote:

> ebXMLSpace is intriguing.  Please explain more?
> I might agree intensely.

Space is a nice word; I just like it. Can abstract many things. Also used in
MetaSpaces, JavaSpaces, TSpaces, ... Usually you also need a temporal aspect
of Spaces, and "Spaces" as a word (what is semantic here?) might not reflect
it even though you have Repositories (persistence).

> >3) I hope that Business Process Meta Model will be Reflective
> >(Introspective, ...) in order to adapt itself. Then the question "which
> >artifacts would that be" might allow for possibly recursive Meta Models.
> >then we might have something like "aBusiness <-> ebXMLSpace".
> As an old Smalltalk programmer, I could go along with that.
> But how do you see that being implemented in ebXML?

Are you Squeak-ing now? I am sorry; some of our conversation should go
off-line? But, as usual, instead of asking: "ebXML, what can you do for me
(what are your Service Interfaces?)?" you ask: "ebXML, can you adapt
(evolve, change)?" Thus, "aBusiness <- ebXMLSpace". Some people think that
this could be easier to do in protytype based systems then class based
systems. XML, by nature, might be perceived as prototype based (no cloning,
though) and with some extensions like XML-Schema, SOX, ... (cannot comment
<- haven't read the specs yet) might cover both worlds. I guess it's up to
us (or, maybe not <- metalevels above) which questions to ask and which way
to go.


"I have made this letter longer than usual, because I lack the time to
make it short." -- Blaise Pascal

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