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Subject: HR-XML


wasn't sure if this has been covered yet, in the mailing-list, and might've
looked into it, if there hadn't been those words about broken links on the



1)  the "HR-XML Message Standard" 
 (p. 9 of http://www.hr-xml.org/HR-XML-Slides-BusTech.pdf )
   sounds like it might be within the scope of ebXML.

2)  they've gone the w3c route of for-fee membership. 
	they've  also gone the w3c route of charging what seems, to this person, like
ridiculously high fees (on the top membership-levels...with not much worth
besides a "look-see" coming from the lower membership-levels).  exclusive. in a
colloquial term, in the opinion of this young'in, "lame".

3)  some of their docs might be worth a look:

4)  their schemas are here:

	...note the "work-in-progress" disclaimer on it.

	( is it so difficult to devise, and to settle about, a good schema? )

-- s.c.

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