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Subject: RE: AW: ebXML - core components glossary of terms and acronyms

> > ..I support the idea of creating an acronyms directory

My instincts tell me, ebXML project teams should avoid creating new 
words or acronyms that are not already widely known in public
dictionaries such as

Webopedia   http://e-comm.webopedia.com/
Whatis   http://www.whatis.com/index.htm
Real-time   http://www.realtime-info.com/encyc/techno/terms/29/29.htm
Haynes   http://www.tedhaynes.com/haynes1/atol.html
D&T   http://www.us.deloitte.com/Risk/ebusiness/glossary.htm
Plexoft http://www.plexoft.com/SBF/thumbtabs.html
Babel http://www.geocities.com/ikind_babel/babel/babel.html

Or heck, go see every dictionary on earth, in the giant index at

Perhaps ebXML can converge its glossary or dictionary efforts with
OneLook, or with other XML-based or distributed dictionary projects?

Hermes Hartmut said Jun 15
> > ..I support the idea of creating an acronyms directory
> > [..]
> > *	always spell out acronyms the first time they are used

Betty Harvey said Jun 15
> I think, from a human factors standpoint, that each ebXML document
> be a 'stand-alone' document. This means that at a minimum every
> acronym is spelled out.  The acronym soup is getting out of hand.
> Acronyms are beginning to step on-top of each other.  For instance:
> 	SME
> 		Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
> 		Subject Matter Expert
> 		Data Interchange Standards Association 
>                 Defense Information Systems Agency 
> > There should be some "agency within ebXML to cover this issue.
> > 
> > As initial idea: We should create a database indicating 
> > 1.	the term, acronym etc, 
> > 2.	a description, explanation, full text transformation
> > 3.	the context (area, business, ...)
> > 
> > Maybe this soundness familiar to some of you.
> > 
> I fully agree!  From a business perspective it is very useful
> to be able to lookup and find the definitions of terms.  I
> also believe that each document should define the terms it 
> is using in the context of that document.  Throwing acronyms
> in a document without explanation makes the document confusing
> and in some cases, unintelligible.
> Betty

How about another line in the standard footer provided by the list serve:

  "Acronyms and Terminology: www.ebxml.org/acronyms.htm"

Which would contain links to ebXML-approved, free, internet dictionaries?

Just my 2c worth,
TOdd Boyle CPA  www.gldialtone.com

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