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Subject: RE: AW: ebXML - core components glossary of terms and acronyms

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, Todd Boyle wrote:

> > > ..I support the idea of creating an acronyms directory
> My instincts tell me, ebXML project teams should avoid creating new 
> words or acronyms that are not already widely known in public
> dictionaries such as

Creating new acroynms isn't what we are talking about.  We are talking
about defining industry or psuedo-industry acronyms if they are
used in ebXML documents.  

As an example, I don't know what an FDT is, so I look it up on
a search engine.  I get:

	Flordia Digital Turnpike - maybe we are building roads and
		                   an ebXML meeting was held in
        Formal Design Techniques - This could be it because we
                                   talking about Object Oriented
        Flash Development Toolkit - Hummm - don't think so but
        Formal Description Technique - This could also be the
        Falcon Dam, Tamaulipas - I think we rule this one out - it
                                 a location.
        Fort Dodge Transmission - I am positive this isn't the one.
        Fractal Design Template - This one looks cool.
                           and more....

Now we can move on to OOA - but I won't bore you.  A glossary of
terms and definitions is absolutely, positively required.


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