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Subject: ADMINISTRATIVE: mail lists moving

OASIS, who sponsors the mail lists for the ebXML initiative, has recently
contracted with a mail list services provider to handle our lists. We're
doing this in order to provide better quality list service for our
subscribers. Over the weekend the lists were transitioned to a new server
and new mail software.

We've tried to make the transition as invisible as possible, but there will
be a couple changes:

* When you send mail to any of the ebXML lists, you should send it to the
ebxml.org domain instead of the oasis-open.org domain. For example, mail to
the ebxml list should be sent to ebxml@lists.ebxml.org, mail to
ebxml-architecture goes to ebxml-architecture@lists.ebxml.org, and so forth.

* If you use filters for your incoming mail you may need to reset your
filters based on new From or To fields.

* We've configured the lists so that only subscribers may post to each list.
This also means that you cannot post a message from a secondary account, for
example from your home account. If a message bounces back to you, it is
because the email address on your message does not match the address you are
subscribed with.

* To unsubscribe from lists, send a message to
<listname>-request@lists.ebxml.org (for example,
ebxml-architecture-request@lists.ebxml.org) with the unsubscribe command. If
you want to unsubscribe a different address than the one from which you are
sending the request you must include the address on the command line (for
example, unsubscribe myname@mycompany.com). The mail server will send a
confirmation message.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please feel free to
contact me. Please don't bother the ebXML chair or PT chairs with this.

Karl F. Best
Director, Technical Operations
978.667.5115 x206

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