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Subject: Re: core components analysis


> 1.) There are a few way to write "Address" and "Party Name" or some string
> entity in some counties.
> For example, You know, When someone write Building name in "Address" by
> Kanji character. sometimes, In Japan, A customer will add the information
> ruby string with Katakana or Hiragana which has phonetic meaning..  You
> find the sample about this in attached bitmap of this mail. Most of
> transport company's sending envelop has these information.  Is this
> to add these information in some entities?

The default data type for Building name is likely to be an XML simpleType
that contains a string. In XML this maps to the UCS character string, which
would contain, for example, the Kanji character. If you need to add a ruby
to this default definition then you would define a context in which the
Region was Japan. For this context you would extend the model of Building
name to be of type mixed, with an embedded ruby element being used to extend
the base model of string that applies to the PCDATA component of the
predefined model.

Martin Bryan

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