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Subject: Re: Core Component Analysis - SWIFT's Comments

I just want to make sure i understand 'agent and client network.'

Essentially we are dealing with an agent and client network that is totally fluent in English.

Does this say that the business people we would like to see use ebXML are the ones that are totally fluent in English?  Or the programmers we would like to see use ebXML?  Or do i miss the point completely?

Well, perhaps this should be a technical discussion.  I withdraw the questions.  Sorry.

In any case, i see from a later message that the choice is between English and Foreign, which puts the whole thing in a different light.

[I'm not entering the debate whether the tags should be in an Earth language.  I take "XML is human readable" to be one of the best jokes of the last decade.  Both English and Foreign are good for Cisco and the carriers.  Codes are much cheaper.  I don't care, as i don't have any Cisco or WorldCom stock and i plan to have tools to render the <></> stuff for me.]



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