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Subject: Re: BSR - the Basic Semantic Register


>Thank you, Martin, for your paper.  I
> appreciate Martin's openness and candor.

Glad you enjoyed it (and that  at least you were able to find it despite my
> Are there other problems with the BSR?  Let's lay it all out on the
> table:  if the BSR sucks for some reason, then please share.  Is it
> because it is incomplete?  Is it because the Terms are all wrong and out
> of compliance with ISO 11179?

The problems I used BSR to illustrate are not just problems that relate to
BSR. They apply to any dictionary-based approach on which extremely strict
contol is not applied. BSR was simply being used to illustrate the sort of
dangers that can arise when more than one source is feeding a dictionary
without cross-checking for relationships between terms.
> I figure if it's free for the taking, the BSR deserves some serious
> consideration.

Ah, now that raises another can of worms. If BSR is only available to paying
customers should ebXML adopt it as its base?


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