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Subject: Re: 22 Jan. call report and 29 Jan. call notice

> Also, this is the last call for comments on the technical specifications
> TA
> and Reg/Rep, posted at the following URLs.
> TA:  http://www.ebxml.org/specdrafts/specs_for_review.htm
> Reg/Rep:
> Farrukh Najmi said "It would be nice to get your comments by this Friday
> Reg/Rep). This would allow us to address
> as many as possible in the "release formerly known as Geneva" cycle. I
> apologize
> for
> the short notice and appreciate the efforts of your team in this regard."

No allowance has been made for storing core component objects, such as W3C
XML Schema type definitions or ebXML constraint definitions, that are not
complete XML schemas. None of the datatypes referred to in the Requirements
for the Core Components Registry submitted by the Core Components group to
the RegRep group in December have been catered for.

No mechanism is provided for accessing a registry using a web browser.

Associations do not have facilities for identifying which objects are
derived from another object by a subsetting of the properties. (Unless
Extend is supposed to indicated both extension and restriction.)

Martin Bryan

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