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Subject: RE: English Language Tags

|You can bet your bottom dollar that for ebXML the number will
|eventually run
|into thousands, However, this is beside the point. They are all defined
|using the element set defined in W3C XML Schemas, some 30 odd elements.

I would advise against this, having thousands of XML elements. It is a
programmer's nightmare you're building towards, one that will likely not
survive in the marketplace. The number of elements you're defining, Martin,
is hardly beside the point, because stylesheets operating against the ebXML
data-streams are written according to those you have defined. Furthermore,
it's distracting to point to '30 odd elements', since they are not the ones
referenced in the stylesheets -- those 30 are from XML Schema, which are
used to define these thousands of elements. Again, I say:

|It is that scenario -- in particular -- that the DCN endevours to avoid
|and, as a result, 'only' 15 XML element-types are defined in the DCN's
|and 'only' 15 RDF Schema class-types are defined in the DCN's dictionary.

The 15 resource element-types in the DCN are:

   <Account> - a ledger of financial, numeric, date, or text entries
   <Actor> - a person, organization, business, institution, or group
   <Block> - a section of text or non-text in a document
   <Document> - a real-world document, e.g., a purchase contract
   <Entry> - a financial, numeric, date, or text entry to an account
   <Event> - a real-world occurrence or happening
   <Item> - a product, commodity, or other tangible good
   <Legal> - an intangible good created by/in a document
   <Location> - a physical place on the planet
   <Property> - legal rights re: a tangible/intangible item
   <Publication> - a formatted real-world document
   <Role> - a function performed/fulfilled within a context
   <Service> - a marketable task
   <System> - items performing a function
   <Topic> - a group of text/non-text concerning a subject

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