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Subject: RE: English Language Tags

Message text written by John McClure
The 15 resource element-types in the DCN are:

   <Account> - a ledger of financial, numeric, date, or text entries
   <Actor> - a person, organization, business, institution, or group
   <Block> - a section of text or non-text in a document
   <Document> - a real-world document, e.g., a purchase contract
   <Entry> - a financial, numeric, date, or text entry to an account
   <Event> - a real-world occurrence or happening
   <Item> - a product, commodity, or other tangible good
   <Legal> - an intangible good created by/in a document
   <Location> - a physical place on the planet
   <Property> - legal rights re: a tangible/intangible item
   <Publication> - a formatted real-world document
   <Role> - a function performed/fulfilled within a context
   <Service> - a marketable task
   <System> - items performing a function
   <Topic> - a group of text/non-text concerning a subject


Hmmmmm, strong echos here of the seven basic types in CALS/UDEF.

Once again - this is all very religious stuff.  Great if you love it, but
what if your business domain hates it?

Notice that the Registry information model allows you to propagate 
and use these as classifications and associations - so go ahead,
for your own industry vertical map away and build an ebXML Registry.

If other people like it they may even follow your lead.  Don't 
expect everyone though to have to do it your way.  But do expect
that you will have a level of interoperability between systems
built on the ebXML technical specifications.


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