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Subject: Re: Party XML Schema Defintions

Message text written by Martin Bryan
The only language that I know that meets these requirements is XSLT. It is
easily transmittable in a form that allows the program to be checked
than as a precompiled program that you have to be sure of your sources
it can be edited without the need for specialist tools using most office
suites, and can be handled using tools that are freely available in all
office suites. What alternative do you propose that offers the same
functionality (and please don't use a four letter word beginning with J).

Martin Bryan

Martin - we would not dream of using the J*** word!!

For business information transformations I've always argued (especially
with your good self!) that XSLT is not the right tool.

Over the coming few months you are going to see more than one
XML script driven alternates emerging that are rule driven and a whole
lot easier for non-programmers to work with than XSLT.

I'm sure you'd be the first to agree - that if it meets your criteria for
accessiblity and is easier to use then you would not want to lock yourself
into a lesser technology.  Of course going forward there is always going 
to be 'better and easier' in the pipeline....

Lets leave it at that!!!


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