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Subject: Re: Party XML Schema Defintions

Martin Bryan wrote:
 What alternative do you propose that offers the same
> functionality (and please don't use a four letter word beginning with J).


Sorry - I may not have been clear with my comment.  I was not advocating
banning of XSLT, I felt it was not proper to mandate its' use.

I am sure, as you pointed out, that many SME and SME intergrators will
build web based systems using browsers and XML+XSL(T).

Lost cost to SMEs' has to be of paramount importance.  It may be as
simple as an SME using a web page to find LargeCo's CPP, hitting a
hyperlink or two to retrieve their BPD and then subsequently building an
HTML form based on an XML file (possibly using XSLT) to fill out an
invoice or PO.

XSLT has many advantages however, it is not the only transformation
technology.  Many vendors have XSLT type funtionality in their
products.  We also have to possibly include SQL, CSV, EDI and CGI to XML
transformations.  This goes beyond XML -> XML which means that scoping
XSLT as the official methodology may not work for all businesses.

YOu make some great comments about SME's.  I feel, as you do, that it is
important for us all to keep them in mind as ebXML moves forward.



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