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Subject: RE: Tag Languages, UID's etc. - My experiment with the Beacon BDR

Message text written by INTERNET:stuart.campbell@tieglobal.com
'dont tell me about all this complex architecture and techy details, what
community wants to know is "what do i call my elements and in what case"'

The user community is looking for guidance.  Some will follow.  Some wont.
But at least there is guidance for the things they want.


Stuart, great point - and I also have found this out first hand with the
CatXML.org work that I have done.

We approached this by saying - this is an open approach, and
immediately the users said - tell us what tags we should use? Which
is counter-intuitive - what they are really saying is 'design us a
default that works'.

But where did I go to find those tags?   I did not go to a BDR or a BSR
or some techie spec'.  I went to existing industry catalogue work and
found vocabularies there already and re-used those.

This is the whole key - no need to invent yet another set of terms.
Each industry group already has these close by - and yes the 
industry group itself should take the lead in building the tag-sets.

Microsoft - since you mention them - are also masters at this
technique - working with industry groups to establish a standard,
getting them to use DCD, VB, and create DBO's thereby
locking in the Microsoft speak to the whole process.  But this does
NOT extend down to the tag level - key thing to notice.

My sense is we create two or three reference implementations such
as CatXML.org - where people can freely access all the documentation
and materials.   Plagurism then does the rest.  Easy to use Word,
Ctrl-F / Replace All / Change 'CatXML' to 'FooBarXML'  / - Save As !

Flexibility should be the approach here - not attempting to decree for
all industry situations just one inflexible approach.


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