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Subject: Re: ebXML core components diagrammed

I understand you are trying to only provide an example but wanted to
provide some technical feedback.  This looks more like a data model than a
class diagram.  There are no methods and only attributes.  If it was
intended as a data model, it should be normalized as it is currently in a
highly inefficient normal form.

John Motley


Mike Conroy <michael.conroy@wanadoo.fr> on 03/06/2001 12:46:49 PM

To:   ebXML Core <ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org>
cc:   F.De_Vos@mail.eurofer.be

Subject:  ebXML core components diagrammed

In order to try and understand how the core components were to be used, I
attempted to make a class diagram of them, which you'll find in the
PDF file. Whilst I was doing the diagram I saw two anomolies which still
figure in the model they are:

1. UID 000080 should have I think a type of aggregate to be in line with
country in postal address and with the core component reused column.
2. UID 000081 should have a type of aggregate to be in line with the core
component reused column.

Before I make any other comments I'd apprecioate it of the core components
designers could tell me if the model is correct or if its all wrong.

If its wrong then I'd appreciate it if they would give me an indication on
how to correct it.

If its right then I'll have a certain number of comments to make.


Mike Conroy

(See attached file: component.PDF)

Adobe Portable Document

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