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Subject: RE: last metamodel meeting

I don't think I will be able to attend, so here my votes:

>Naming issues:

>DocumentEnvelope --> DocumentTransfer

No to DocumentTransfer.  The function of the artifact
is containment and protection while the document
is being transferred, the function of the artifact is
*not* transfering the document. In fact, the document
could be transferred more than once in the same 
envelope.  The correct name is a noun, not a verb.

>RequestingBusinessActivity --> RequestingRole ?
>RespondingBusinessActivity --> RespondingRole ?

No to this change.
I thought we decided to leave that one as-is last Tuesday.
For example, Buyer and Seller are the roles, 
Requesting and Responding are the activities.  
Do you want to make them both Roles?
Doesn't make any sense to me.

Think of the scenario that everybody decided we needed to
support, the negotiation where two roles (e.g. Buyer and
Seller) alternate performing the Requesting and 
Responding activities.  Do we have a role playing
a role, or a role performing an activity?

Have fun,
Bob Haugen

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