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Subject: Re: last metamodel meeting

I fully concur with Bob.


Bob Haugen wrote:

> I don't think I will be able to attend, so here my votes:
> >Naming issues:
> >DocumentEnvelope --> DocumentTransfer
> No to DocumentTransfer.  The function of the artifact
> is containment and protection while the document
> is being transferred, the function of the artifact is
> *not* transfering the document. In fact, the document
> could be transferred more than once in the same
> envelope.  The correct name is a noun, not a verb.
> >RequestingBusinessActivity --> RequestingRole ?
> >RespondingBusinessActivity --> RespondingRole ?
> No to this change.
> I thought we decided to leave that one as-is last Tuesday.
> For example, Buyer and Seller are the roles,
> Requesting and Responding are the activities.
> Do you want to make them both Roles?
> Doesn't make any sense to me.
> Think of the scenario that everybody decided we needed to
> support, the negotiation where two roles (e.g. Buyer and
> Seller) alternate performing the Requesting and
> Responding activities.  Do we have a role playing
> a role, or a role performing an activity?
> Have fun,
> Bob Haugen
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