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Subject: Answers to my CC Questions?

Hi folks,

I received one private answer to one of my questions that wasn't quite
as definitive as I wanted, but an answer at any rate.  No one has tried
to answer the others or offered a public answer.  I know that one day
turnaround may be a bit too much to expect.  However, I feel my
questions are the kinds of things that if you all had discussed some
fundamental issues then someone should be able to rip off an answer in
less than two minutes.  If I don't get answers, it indicates to me that
these fundamental issues haven't been adequately addressed.  That
reveals a serious deficiency and leads to a quite different type of
comment on your specs.  If you can, please provide answers to my 3
questions by tomorrow noon.


Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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