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Subject: Re: Some Party questions

christopher ferris wrote:

> It is not only possible, it would be quite desireable;-) Note however
> that
> a CPP MAY have more than one PartyInfo element to carry information
> about different divisions, etc. These may or may not have different
> PartyId values, depending upon the granularity of the code scheme(s)
> employed.
> > I therefore assert that the CPP document requires a Unique Idenifier if it is to be used.
> How would this value be assigned? That would involve some manner of
> namespace
> management, would it not?

I think that the assignent by a Registry should be sufficient, as you suggested earlier.
The UID assigned by the Registry,  should probably appear within the CPP instance in order that
it is declarative.
If this upsets the digital signing before submission to aRegistry,  then maybe that methodology
shold be re examined.

I don't think that the CPP should be used before it has its' UID in place.

Some notes:

Maybe one brave soul with some free time could contact Dun and Bradstreet to talk to them about
our little plans?


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