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Subject: Re: autogeneration of UML to XML

The reverse task can be interesting too.

Dmitry R., dmitryr@visto.com

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From:    Mike Conroy michael.conroy@wanadoo.fr
Sent:    Fri, 06 Apr 2001 23:18:36 +0200
To:      ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: autogeneration of UML to XML

Ever since William Kammerer said : "Heck, I haven't even yet seen anyone take a UML data model and generate schemas from it -  and that should be a lot simpler" theres been a flood of e-mails from people such as Duane Nickull of  XML GLobal Technologies, Arofan Gregory of Commerceone, James Whittle of  e-centre, Philip goatly of Bolero, and Kris KETELS of Swift, have all jumped into the thread to tell us that they currently have the capability to "autogenerating from UML" XML schemas.

Well I for one am most impressed. However, I do have a grain of doubting Thomas, in my vains. I made a UML class model of the core components, which I am led to believe is a faithful rendering of the Excel spreadsheet. 

Just to give me, and perhaps many others who are listening in, an idea of how the autogeneration from UML works, would someone like to demonstrate their capabilities on the enclosed core components model ? It might help settle a lot of the dust that has been raised on the subject.



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