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Subject: Re: Getting Back to Basics - How to describe Dates and Times andEvents?

> So how is all of this going to be done using ebXML core components?  How
> do you model this? Where does context arise?  Any examples?

In my view there should be a single a Core Component for the recording of
ISO 8601date/time string , e.g. 2001-04-06T12:20:00-0500. Where only part of
this string is required (e.g. only the date and the time) then a restricted
version of the core component can be constructed by associating a Data
Constraint with the core component definition.

Multiple date/time strings will typically need to be assigned to a Business
Document. For example an order may have an CreationDate and a
DeliveryDateTime. Therefore the core component will be used multiple times
to form application-specific objects. The names of these objects will be
those of the events they record, as listed in your message. Each of these
events may "impose" its  own Data Constraint on the base type. So the
CreationDate event will impose a restriction that requires only the Date to
be specified, while the DeliveryDateTime may require that this date time is
at least 2 days later than that specified in the CreationDate.

Martin Bryan

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