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Subject: Re: Getting Back to Basics - How to describe Dates and Times andEvents?

I applaud Todd Boyle for coming to his senses and dropping all of the
specifically-named date and accounting period elements from his General
Ledger schema.   But I had gotten the sense from John McClure's
examples, though, that Todd would be able to have his cake and eat it
too: John is able to use <RequestedShipDate> as a readable tag in his
document instances, but the mechanics behind the scene reduce that to a
normalized Date/Time type, augmented with a UN/EDIFACT qualifier.

I don't know RDF at all, or schema that well, but is John missing
something in his definitions?  Though he has some type of linkage to the
qualifier element, identified as "unedifact:de2005," he doesn't say
which qualifier applies to the definition of "RequestedShipDate."  I
would have expected something to indicate code "10" and perhaps an
English comment derived from the name of the code:"Shipment date/time,

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