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Subject: Asembly problem

Hello there,
our company (Schemantix) decided to prepare authoring tools for Assembly and
ContextRules plus processor for building of Business Document and SID based
on that. It is supposed to be ready for POC in Vienna. I've carefully read
document "ebXML specification for the application of XML based assembly and
context rules 1.04" and we experienced problems with understanding of
assembly part, especially description of tag UseElement is not very clear.
Can anyone help us with following issues, please? 

a) What is the exact use of tag UseElement? CreateElement is supposed to
bring to new CC to assembly from location "UUID" and UseElement is supposed
to use its children. If I look at the example on line 609 in "ebXML
specification for the application of XML based assembly and context rules
1.04", the first use of CreateElement concerns the CC Party, IMHO. But CC
Party has according to the Initial catalogue of CC compulsory element Party
Identification. But there is not any reference by UseElement to CC of such
name. If I use only "CreateElement location=UUIDofParty" in assembly, what
is the expected output of assembly processor? It should be default content
relevant to CC Party, shouldn't be? But in specifications, there is not
mentioned any default interpretation of CreateElement or UseElement.
b) What happens If I don't use UseElement for compulsory child of CC?
c) There is possible to use recursive CreateElement according to DTD -
CreateElement -> UseElement -> CreateGroup -> CreateElement? Is it allowed
d) Is there any DTD for description of core components?

THX in advance, it could be great if somebody can help us with it. Vienna is
behind the door already :).


Ondrej Cikhart
S C H E M A N T I X  *  Project Manager 
www.schemantix.com   *  Tel. +42 02 21511337

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