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Subject: Re: Asembly problem


Whilst I can't answer all you questions, here are some pointeres
> a) What is the exact use of tag UseElement? CreateElement is supposed to
> bring to new CC to assembly from location "UUID" and UseElement is
> to use its children. If I look at the example on line 609 in "ebXML
> specification for the application of XML based assembly and context rules
> 1.04", the first use of CreateElement concerns the CC Party, IMHO. But CC
> Party has according to the Initial catalogue of CC compulsory element
> Identification. But there is not any reference by UseElement to CC of such
> name.

The example does not map to the current CC Party description because that
was not available to us when the example was done. Hemce thing like
PartyIdenfication are not included.

>If I use only "CreateElement location=UUIDofParty" in assembly, what
> is the expected output of assembly processor? It should be default content
> relevant to CC Party, shouldn't be?

If you specify no changes to the subcomponents using the CreateGroup or
UseElement elements then the existing model for the referenced element is
presumed to be used without change.

>But in specifications, there is not
> mentioned any default interpretation of CreateElement or UseElement.

The text needs a lot of clarification: this is one.

> b) What happens If I don't use UseElement for compulsory child of CC?

Good question. My personal feeling is that this is an error situation,
unless there are no UseElements so that the exsiting model is retained.

> c) There is possible to use recursive CreateElement according to DTD -
> CreateElement -> UseElement -> CreateGroup -> CreateElement? Is it allowed
> construction?

The implication is that it is, but this is not specifically stated.
(CreateGroup definitely requires the recursive use of CreateElement or
UseElement, and as these can contain CreateGroup I presume you have the same
infinite recursion levels that any XML data model has.)

> d) Is there any DTD for description of core components?

None whatsoever, much to my chagrin.

Martin Bryan

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