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Subject: RE: What do people really expect from ebXML?

Mike Rawlins:
>This discussion seems to have gone from "What do people expect" - which is about
>marketing, to "what do people want?" - which is about requirements.  The
>authoritative answer to the latter is the ebXML Requirements Spec.

>Regarding the list of topics which Bob Haugen sent out in a recent message:

>* deliver full UML models from business process to basic
>* be compatible with X12 and EDIFACT;
>* deliver something simple right now that small businesses
>who cannot even afford PC's (now $600) can use.

I wasn't trying to list requirements or differentiate expectations
from desires, I was just listing things people had seemed to
demand of the CC group on the list recently, and suggest that
they were contradictory, or at least a difficult balancing act..

Full end-to-end UML models is a big job, conflicting with getting
something simple out right now, and both are probably in conflict
with compatibility with both X12 and EDIFACT which may not
be compatible with each other and were not design to be simple
or object-oriented.  Plus I think that making everything in ebXML
simple will require a lot of packaging, which is also hard work.

I have no easy solution to offer here other than to understand a little
what the CC group has been trying to juggle.

-Bob Haugen

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