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Subject: RE: What do people really expect from ebXML? - Core components..

Title: RE: What do people really expect from ebXML? - Core components..


        ebXML has never intended to create transactions as a deliverable.  In fact, ebXML does not even have a requirement to develop the specifications to develop them.  Is this a failure of ebXML  - in my opinion yes.  Do we need these documents quickly - yes.  Is it best if a single consistent approach to schema design, naming conventions, use of ancillary W3C specifications is developed by an international, neutral standards body - yes.  Will we get them quickly - doubtful if after 18 months we still don't have an agreement on what it is we are developing a process for.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Lyon [mailto:djlyon@one.net.au]
> Sent: Monday, April 23, 2001 11:01 PM
> To: ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org
> Subject: Re: What do people really expect from ebXML? - Core
> components..
> All,
> We really need some XML specifications for the core
> components of ebXML, as
> we have products that we really want to ship later in the year.
> It appears as though there are some difficulties in defining the core
> components, although I note there have been some good efforts in the
> directory area and so forth.
> If ebXML needs to produce documentation quickly, then I would suggest
> concentrating on the most important things as far as eb is concerned.
> In my opinion, there are four documents that need to be
> designed, or adapted
> from existing patterns.
> They are:
>                  (1) The Purchase Order
>                  (2) The Invoice / Receipt / ASN
>                  (3) The Payment Advice
>                  (4) The Statement of Account
> With documentation that describes these four documents, a lot
> of pressure on
> ebXML could be dissapated.
> I've seen that we have quite a few people here who are
> sufficiently skilled
> to make a start on these components. Also, Edifact/X12 could
> quite easily be
> stripped to produce a relatively simple subset. It doesn't need to do
> everything, only the basic stuff.
> Forgive my optimism, but we have Customers who really want to
> bash some of
> these messages around. It's costing me money every day that
> ebXML is not
> going, so if called upon, I'd certainly be willing to help.
> Take care all
> David Lyon
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