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Subject: Re: What do people really expect from ebXML? - Is CC really asetofLegos?

Dear Lego haters:

I for one enjoyed lego.  With a little imagination,  you can build
anything you want with Lego.  If you have enough pieces,  you can make
any toy you want.

The nice thing about lego is they also provide you a set of plans for
assembling certain objects (Cars, House etc) and if you don;t like the
way the plan goes,  you can follow it for the most part and insert extra
pieces where it suits your needs.

Core Components,  shipped with a few plans for building certain
messages, should be enough to show even the sturdiest of lego haters
(and business people) how to use them.

If the person wants to use the stock messages,  they don't even have to
go under to hood too much and tinker with the lego blocks (cc's).


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