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Subject: Re: What do people really expect from ebXML? - Is CC really asetofLegos?


> If the person wants to use the stock messages,  they don't even have to
> go under to hood too much and tinker with the lego blocks (cc's).

I think you have hit the controversy on the head! CC has stated that
they will not be developing 'stock messages'.  From a modeling perspective
this is o.k.  CC can give us the common models - built from common 
components and let the industry groups (as they always have) develop
their own messages.  However, if we just have a bunch of loose legos
(or components), it is difficult for those without the tools and
imagination to build an aircraft carrier.  We need a common address,
contact information, date, etc.  On the surface this looks easy but
when you delve into the information, it is rather difficult.  However,
because of the flexibility of XML, we can develop a standard model.
If my business processes deviate, I can tweak the model.

Common naming conventions don't really matter because we can always
transform internally or externally, however, as a group we need
a common vocabulary for discussing these components within the 
group and to the population at large.  These components can have
a common identifier (not an XML id but a CDATA identifier) if
desired.  I don't see top executives sitting around the conference
table discussing messages saying we will use CC number 1138574891a.

Another thing about legos - weeks worth of work can be destroyed
in a matter of minutes by a 2 year old.  When this happens, it 
can pull families, as well as legos, apart.  If you want to maintain
the lego model for future generations, you have to use a touch
of glue.  I think we are already seeing this happen in the eBusiness,
eCommerce world.  The two year olds are ready to strike - or have


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Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc. |        
harvey@eccnet.com                    | Washington,DC SGML/XML Users Grp
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