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Subject: RE: What do people really expect from ebXML? - Is CC really asetofLegos?

Philip Goatly:
>    I believe that a consideration of what data is essential in all
>transactions i.e what cannot be left out in any transaction( as defined as a
>transaction in business terms) allows one to model a top down structure.
>Since these pieces of data are 'essential' then they must always be
>processed. It follows therefore that when one starts with this scenario,
>with the 'top level data' and the 'top level processes' the data and
>processes are intrisically bound together.The top levels can then be
>expanded to more detail.

I agree for the most part, if you also include the ideas that 
1) the essential information requirements are different in different stages 
of the process (think Open-EDI Planning, Identification, Negotiation, 
Actualization, Post-Actualization. Or catalogs, contracts, orders, deliveries, 
payments, warranties).
2) there is an absolute requirement for consistency in structure and
values of the information in all stages of the same extended process,
and there are essential relationships among information at different
stages (e.g. Shipments must fulfill OrderLines or we have errors).

>    If one builds processes top down, and the data bottom up, yes, there is
>a problem since it is like trying to construct a tunnel from 2 different
>ends, and since at the start it is difficult to ascertain the middle point -
>or even the direction - there is little likelihood that they will meet. Data
>and processes will be disjoint no matter how much binding glue one attempts
>to apply to paper over the cracks.

On that point, I disagree.  People will start anywhere and go in any
direction, bottom-up, middle-out, whatever.  Even if you go top-down
I think you will find that you must cycle to the bottom and back 
several times before you get everything right (or you will miss
something, or have awkward fit).  As long as you cycle, I don't
think it matters that much where you start, although different
types of people prefer to start at different levels.

-Bob Haugen

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