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Subject: FW: Units of Measure

Core Components Group:

We have received the attached proposal for standard XML data representations
for Units of Measure.  Is this something that could/should be expressed as
ebXML Core Components?  If so, how do we achieve that?

The proposal is from Petrochemical Open Systems Corp, a energy industry

Neal Smith

> -----Original Message-----
> From: John Bobbitt [mailto:bobbitt@posc.org] 
> Sent: Monday, April 23, 2001 3:24 PM
> To: XML Activity Group; GML Sig; Nicolai, Roel; Arliss Whiteside
> Subject: Units of Measure
> All,
> Attached is the recommendation paper for units of measure.
> It is essentially complete in its content, but is not complete in its
> editorial view. In particular, it has not been formatted for any group in
> particular.
> It is intended that this recommendation will be sent to several groups
> (four, at present) with the request that they adopt the strong
> recommendations. The four groups are POSC, OpenGIS, CSIRO, and W3C. If
> anyone knows of other groups that should also consider adopting the
> quantityType, please let me know, and we can include them also.
> [[Since it is to be sent to several groups, I have left the format
> general. If any group needs the information to be put into a particular
> format, I would encourage someone to do that (I don't intend to start
> formatting for all the groups). Ie, I am looking for volunteers to
> reformat the information contained in the document into whatever format is
> necessary for the different particular groups.]]
> This recommendation is being sent early to members of these groups so that
> we can work out differences of opinion NOW. It is not possible to have an
> open forum of all these groups in order to discuss the proposal and work
> out differences of opinions. That is why this is being done in a virtual,
> open forum format, so that we can negotiate changes before the formal
> submissions to these groups.
> Please express any concerns now, not later. And please do so to all the
> groups in the mailing list. (Note: the mailing list includes CSIRO and W3C
> representatives. So sending it to the above lists will catch some of those
> also).
> My intent is to have all comment taken and incorporated by May 4. This
> allows time to submit to the OpenGIS at least 3 weeks before the meeting.
> I am particularly concerned about ISO. The UML model they have for the
> limited area of spatial and time units is entirely consistent with the
> proposal. Yet I have seen no proposed schemas, nor have had no comments
> from them concerning this implementation of their model. I fear that they
> may come forth some day with essentially the same concepts, but with
> different element names or different "element or attribute" decisions, or
> a different units definition model. If anyone has any knowledge of the ISO
> units model in these respects, it would be useful to share them with the
> group.
> "Philosophic discussion"
> You should note that I put a section of user requirements at the front of
> the document. I feel that the user requirements must drive the ultimate
> model. If a group has a particular requirement, it is up to us to meet
> that requirement - it is NOT up to us to judge the requirement as
> irrelevant. I have tried to meet every requirement given to me over the
> last several months - sometimes with a single element or attribute. If you
> can find some place where I have missed a user requirement, please let me
> know, and we can change things to meet the requirement. If you find that
> you have a requirement that is not listed (and not met), please let me
> know.
> In some cases, the requirement is met by suggesting extensions (eg, list
> of values, generalizing the conversion model, adding a precision
> attribute). Please let me know about missing or unresolved requirements.
> John
> -- 
> John I. Bobbitt
> Energy eStandards          Web: http://www.energyestandards.org
> Off:(713)267-5174          Web: http://www.posc.org
> Fax:(713)784-9219          email: bobbitt@posc.org
> Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than
> in the one where they sprung up.    --Oliver Wendell Holmes 
> <<UomRecommendations.doc>> 


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