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Subject: Re: To get things started.... Data formats..

Sorry, but this seems to me to be verging on the silly.

David Lyon wrote to Betty Harvey's reply <snipped>:

> > There is a serious problem with using the '$'.  This signifys an
> > entity within a dataflow.  Any parser who sees the $ will be
> > looking for the closing delimiter ';', i.e., $myentity;.  If
> > you have <date$> it is going to confuse the parser beyond
> > belief.
> So why not fix the problem ?
> Why perpetuate it forever more ?
> Why can't ebXML be better than previous attempts at XML ?

ebXML decided to adopt a sound software engineering practice of re-using
existing work whenever possible.  In this case it was XML (based on ISO standard
SGML).  "Fixing" SGML or XML are clearly not now nor were they ever within the
scope of our efforts.  Making such suggestions only damages your credibility
within this group.

Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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