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Subject: Re: To get things started.... Data formats..

Mike, all,

All I can say then is that it sounds to me like there is a long, long way to
go before we will be seeing too many production ready and operationally
secure ebXML systems.

I don't know of too many financial institutions that would use ebXML if the
parsers used got confused by the '$' symbol. That's just a huge security
flaw when you think about it.

But by all means, if this is how it must be done....

David Lyon

----- Original Message -----
From: Mike Rawlins <mike@rawlinsecconsulting.com>
To: David Lyon <djlyon@one.net.au>
Cc: <ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org>; <ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org>
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2001 2:02 AM
Subject: Re: To get things started.... Data formats..

> Sorry, but this seems to me to be verging on the silly.
> David Lyon wrote to Betty Harvey's reply <snipped>:
> >
> > > There is a serious problem with using the '$'.  This signifys an
> > > entity within a dataflow.  Any parser who sees the $ will be
> > > looking for the closing delimiter ';', i.e., $myentity;.  If
> > > you have <date$> it is going to confuse the parser beyond
> > > belief.
> >
> > So why not fix the problem ?
> >
> > Why perpetuate it forever more ?
> >
> > Why can't ebXML be better than previous attempts at XML ?
> ebXML decided to adopt a sound software engineering practice of re-using
> existing work whenever possible.  In this case it was XML (based on ISO
> SGML).  "Fixing" SGML or XML are clearly not now nor were they ever within
> scope of our efforts.  Making such suggestions only damages your
> within this group.
> --
> Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting
> www.rawlinsecconsulting.com
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