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Subject: Re: Which documents to start with?


Work is on-going this week between X12 and the EWG members to build on the
Core Components Technical Reports that were accepted in the Vienna ebXML
meeting.  I understand that the reports are being reviewed and updated, and
also believe additional work is being done to add to the library of core
and domain components.  The thrust of the Business Process team was to
provide the Business Process Specification Schema that gives you a UML
class diagram for specifying a business process and associated business
documents, and an XML representation of that business process specification
that is capabable of being executed within a Collaboration Protocol
Agreement at run time.  Guidelines on how to use the BPSS and core/domain
components to create a business process specification and associated
business documents are in the bpOVER and bpWS technical reports.  At this
point, you're still on your own to do the actual work.  Hopefully the ebXML
documents will help.  ebXML business collaboration pattern and business
document content development will continue as UN/CEFACT organizes the work


Paul Levine
BP Project Team co-lead

                    Thomas Gagne                                                                 
                    <tgagne@ix.ne        To:     ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org                       
                    tcom.com>            cc:     (bcc: Paul R. Levine/Telcordia)                 
                                         Subject:     Which documents to start with?             
                    02:21 PM                                                                     
                    respond to                                                                   

I've visited http://www.ebxml.org and have always ended-up wondering where
specifications for the actual message contents are, and if there's any
data I can try parsing.  There seems to be a lot of documentation but I'm
having trouble finding what I need to either read and understand ebXML or
create ebXML messages.


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