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Subject: Re: integrating ebXML and BizTalk

Martin Klang wrote:

> my question is - does anyone know of any middleware / message repackaging
> software that will allow me to talk and hear ebXML Messages, although my
> counterpart only understands BizTalk?

We have a package that could work, however,  there are potential issues
with MD5 hashes if the entire envelope is signed.

The software is called GoXMl Transform and it can handle XML, SQL, EDI
and CSV input and spew out the same plus HTML.  There is a free
evaluation download at:


Transform might work, but a protocol adapter might be recommended
instead, so that some error checking could be done on the biztalk
routing header prior to being translated to an ebxml header.

As for message fidelity, I think everything would be okay as long as the
body parts are not mangled or processed.  The header and envelope is
probably not part of business document fidelity.

We haven't tested this so you are in uncharted territory.  If you are
interested in ebXML TRP software,  we also have a package available.



Duane Nickull, CTO - Founder
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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