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Subject: Production Rules for UML -> XML Conversion


I would like to know where I could understand more about how to convert
a UML schema into an XML schema, or a UML instance specification to an
XML specification. The Technical Architecture document mentions about a
set of "Production Rules" that does the conversion. Any example for
those production rules? Can XMI do a perfect conversion from all UML
views to ebXML-compliant specfications? Seems it cannot.

To be specific, is there any software or a deterministic mechanism to
convert a UML activity diagram used for modeling a business transaction
(e.g. the "RequestInventoryReport" transaction in P.95 in the bpOVER) to
a BPSS specification in XML? What's about conversions for other views,
e.g. a class diagram for a core component to an XML form of core
component? Are these to be done manually?

Where can I find more examples on conversion between UML and XML

Thank you for your advice.


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Thomas Y T Lee
Senior Technology Officer
E-Business Technology Institute
Office Tel: +852 22415388
Office Fax: +852 25474611
E-Mail: ytlee@eti.hku.hk
URL: http://www.eti.hku.hk

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