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Subject: RE: Production Rules for UML -> XML Conversion

Accurate roundtripping between XML and UML is an under-estimated and 
under-explored element of ebXML's dependencies.

Some of the ebXML 1.0 teams assumed that reliable, replicable 
transformations would become available shortly, even though it was not 
clear that such products existed in Spring 2001.  I think we will prove to 
be right, but it's a bit early to tell.

At 10:00 AM 7/11/01, Chris Bacon wrote:
>A book that might help is "Modeling XML Applications with UML" by David
>Carson, ***  XML Schemas from UML class diagrams
>Chris Bacon
>San Francisco ComponentWorks, LLC
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Thomas Lee [mailto:ytlee@eti.hku.hk]
>>I would like to know where I could understand more about how to convert
>>a UML schema into an XML schema, or a UML instance specification to an
>>XML specification. * * *
>James Bryce Clark
>VP and General Counsel
>McLure Moynihan Inc.
>Chair, ABA Business Law Subcommittee on Electronic Commerce
>jamie.clark@mmiec.com,  jbc@lawyer.com
>1 818 597 9475   

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