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Subject: xCBL license? (was) RE: need help

     David, perhaps I'm out of date.  I thought xCBL was owned by and 
proprietary to your company.  I have seen statements along the lines of 
"Commerce One is making xCBL available at no cost" at xcbl.org, but I have 
not been able to find the "unrestricted open license" to which you 
refer.  Can you direct me to a URI?

Thanks.  Jamie Clark

At 03:55 PM 7/12/01, you wrote:
>You might also want to look at xCBL (www.xcbl.org) which is based on an
>analysis of EDI, RosettaNet and other eCommerce standards, is component
>based (similar to core components) and is avaialable in DTDs, XDR and SOX
>(the next version will also include XSD) and is available on a unrestricted
>open licence.

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