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Subject: Re: How to Create an ebXML Order (EDI 850 transaction set)

Hello again,

I said I would start ignoring this thread, and I mostly have.   However, I have
another correction and a request.

Correction:  A few folks have bandied about the figure of 3,000+ standard EDI
messages.  This is an overstatement by a factor of about 5.   There are only
300+ ANSI X12 transaction sets and a similar number in UN/EDIFACT, yielding
about 600.  You only approach 3000 if you include the lesser used standards such
as HL7, TRADACOMS, ODETTE, and EIAJ, and count in some of the industry
implementations of X12 such as UCS, VICS, and WINS.  If you include all of the
industry and company specific implementation guides, 3,000 is way too low.

Request:  This thread seems to me to have degenerated into a religious war.  If
you guys insist on still debating the merits of XEDI (or some other approach)
over xCBL for the UBL effort, would it be too much to ask for you to change the
subject of this thread to something that indicated that?    Like "XEDI vs. xCBL
for UBL"?  That way I can with a clear conscience stop looking for a kernel of
useful dialogue in this thread and just ignore it completely.

Thanks.  I'll go back to sleep now...

Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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