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Subject: Re: How to Create an ebXML Order (EDI 850 transaction set)

Mike Rawlins wrote:

> Correction:  A few folks have bandied about the figure of 3,000+ standard EDI
> messages.  This is an overstatement by a factor of about 5.   There are only
> 300+ ANSI X12 transaction sets and a similar number in UN/EDIFACT, yielding
> about 600.  You only approach 3000 if you include the lesser used standards such
> as HL7, TRADACOMS, ODETTE, and EIAJ, and count in some of the industry
> implementations of X12 such as UCS, VICS, and WINS.  If you include all of the
> industry and company specific implementation guides, 3,000 is way too low.


Thanks you for the voice of truth.  I realized this too but I felt it 
was less important to be technically correct at that time becuase there 
was truth to John statement regardless of the actual physical number of 
transactions.  Even at 300,  it is simply beyond the immediate scope of 
the UBL groups work.


Thank you for joining and planning on attending the working group in 

See you all there.

Duane Nickull


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