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Subject: Re: Definition of ' business transaction'

> > The ebXML Glossary
> > (http://www.ebxml.org/specs/ebGLOSS_print.pdf)includes
> > the following definition:
> > "A business transaction is a logical unit of business
> > conducted by two or
> > more parties that generates a computable success or failure state."
> Which raises two questions in my mind:
> (a) what is a logical unit of business? (not defined in the glossary)
> (b) can anyone identify a logical unit of business which, as a consequence
> of this definition, is not a business transaction?
> Mike Kay

The glossary definition is a little too terse.

Richard Moon's message from which the above clip was extracted
also went on to say:
>I would also suggest you read section 5.1 of the Business Process
>Specification Schema (http://www.ebxml.org/specs/ebBPSS_print.pdf).

Transaction is a very overloaded word.  Business Transaction has a
very specific meaning in ebXML - it is a very specific structural element
in the BPSS.

-Bob Haugen

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