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ebxml-dev message

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Subject: ebxml

  I was going through the ebxml technical specs and i 
am interested in implementing a simple business 
transaction between two trading partners.
 I have one doubt.
 As an implementor what should i look first?
I mean do I need to look into core and business 
libraries or the ebxml specification schema.
How do they differ when comes to implementation part 
for an Organization.
I have one more doubt
In the below ProcessSpecificaton example:
 <ProcessSpecification name="TestReservationModel"
                uuid="[1234-5678-901234]" version="1.0">
     <BusinessDocument name="ReservationRequest"        

 the schema document1.xsd(in specificationLocation) , 
is it the one  we retrieve from the ebxml registry??

I would be glad if anyone can help me in this regard.
Thank You


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