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Subject: Re: ebxml


Some partial responses to your questions are inline below:

Bharath Pandravada wrote:

> Hi,
>   I was going through the ebxml technical specs and i
> am interested in implementing a simple business
> transaction between two trading partners.
>  I have one doubt.
>  As an implementor what should i look first?
> I mean do I need to look into core and business
> libraries or the ebxml specification schema.
> How do they differ when comes to implementation part
> for an Organization.

I am not an expert here but I assume that a smaller set of people
eBusiness standards (e.g. RosettaNet) using ebXML will focus on the core
libraries (called core components in ebXML) to decide what if anything
is reusable in the core component libraries.

However, I suspect that the vast majority of people building ebXML
systems will
use the standard ebXML schemas defined by the vertical standard groups
such as
RosettaNet etc. and will only need to focus on defining their business
using standard schemas  using the the ebXML Business
Process Specification Scheme (BPSS).

> I have one more doubt
> In the below ProcessSpecificaton example:
>  <ProcessSpecification name="TestReservationModel"
>                 uuid="[1234-5678-901234]" version="1.0">
>      <BusinessDocument name="ReservationRequest"
> specificationLocation="http://www.company.com/xml/docume-
> nt1.xsd"/>
>  the schema document1.xsd(in specificationLocation) ,
> is it the one  we retrieve from the ebxml registry??

Schemas are a good example of what may be stored in an ebXML registry.
Other technical specifications such as interface definitions BPSS, core
etc. may also be in an ebXML registry.

> I would be glad if anyone can help me in this regard.
> Thank You
> Bharath
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