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Subject: RE: [T1M1 XML] RE: One potential XML mapping for ebXML Core Components

The tool of choice for UMM is Objecteering, because of its open (free)
availability to users.  The UN/CEFACT Techniques and Methodologies Working
Group (TMWG) intends to provide the Objecteering UMM metamodel and
illustrative example along with the N090Rev10 descriptive document in its
next release.  I expect that Objecteering will be the UML tool of choice in
the on-going work of the eBTWG.


Paul Levine

                    Tripathi"             To:     "Paul R. Levine" <plevine@telcordia.com>,       
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                                          umauom@lists.atis.org, "Jim Clark" <jdc-icot@lcc.net>,  
                                          (bcc: Paul R. Levine/Telcordia)                         
                                          Subject:     RE: [T1M1 XML] RE: One potential XML       
                                          mapping for ebXML Core Components                       

This is a great idea. I wish the medium of object was XML than UMM. I
personally do not know UMM but if required, I can learn it but then what
about the tool to parse and authenticate it before contributing it ?


Devendra Tripathi
CoVisible Solutions, Inc
(formerly VidyaWeb Inc)
90 Great Oaks Blvd #206
San Jose, Ca 95119
Tel: (408)226-6800,
Fax: (408)226-6862

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Paul R. Levine [mailto:plevine@telcordia.com]
> Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 8:42 AM
> To: raymond.e.reeves@mail.sprint.com
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> ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org; knaujok@home.com;
> raymond.e.reeves@mail.sprint.com; t1m1dslsp@t1.org; t1m1xml@t1.org;
> umauom@lists.atis.org; Jim Clark
> Subject: Re: [T1M1 XML] RE: One potential XML mapping for ebXML Core
> Components
> A project proposal has been submitted to the eBTWG to create a library of
> Business Information Objects (attached).  One source of input to this
> project will be UML models of information extracted from X12 and
> data dictionaries.  Other sources are indicated in the attached project
> proposal.
> Regards,
> Paul Levine
> (See attached file: BIO-Project Proposal.html)
>                     raymond.e.reeves@mail.
>                     sprint.com                    To:
> bhandspicker@foliage.com,
> ebtwg-ccs@lists.ebtwg.org, ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
>                     09/14/01 10:29 AM             cc:
> knaujok@home.com,
> raymond.e.reeves@mail.sprint.com, t1m1dslsp@t1.org,
>                                                   t1m1xml@t1.org,
> umauom@lists.atis.org, (bcc: Paul R.
> Levine/Telcordia)
>                                                   Subject:
> [T1M1 XML] RE: One potential XML mapping
>                                                   for ebXML Core
> Components
> Hi all,
> At the time, there is an effort within T1M1 to develop a
> standard "Mapping of UML notation to XML Schemas (and vice versa)." This
> is documented in T1M1/2001-100 and T1M1/2001-132R1.
> These documents purport to define a mechanism for mapping UML model
> management and static view to XML Schemas. In order to take advantage of
> a critical set of features existing in XML Schemas (e.g. attributes,
> elementGroup, etc.), these documents (implicitly) define a "UML profile
> for XML Schemas".
> These two documents are under review and may be merged together so that
> there will be a section describing the UML profile for XML Schemas, a
> set of mapping rules from UML notation to XML Schemas and an addendum
> for describing additional extensions to support (initially) "Data
> Dictionary" like capabilities (now rudimentary in 132) with profile
> extensions to support the DD definition and mapping.
> I believe the Core Components Data Dictionary could be modeled using UML
> (and better yet, we could analyze the attributes used in it to make them
> part of the DD profile properties -tagged values-) and use "UML profile
> for Data Dictionary Definitions" stereotypes, properties (tag values),
> etc. to model all what ebCC has defined. I believe we at T1M1 would
> benefit from learning about ebXML's approach to define what a "Data
> Dictionary" (or simply Data Dictionary Entry) looks like to them and
> leverage on it.
> It would be of great value to us all if a consistent "mapping mechanism"
> is defined. As of now, there are several efforts within T1M1 (e.g., TA,
> UOM, DSLsp, CLDR) where this mapping is crucial. Furthermore, ITU-T SG4
> WP4 Question 9 has a work item for defining a "Mapping of UML to XML
> Schemas" and T1M1/2001-100 (and its revisions) is the proposed standard
> coming from T1M1.
> Please consider these documents and provide comments, suggestions as
> appropriate on style, approach, etc. It is important to us to have a
> broad set of eyes to look into this effort on which many others are
> anchored.
> Thanks,
> Raymond Reeves
> Member of T1M1 tML/DSLsp/UOM AHG/WGs
> 913-534-3405
>    -----Original Message-----
>    From: bhandspicker [mailto:bhandspicker@foliage.com]
>    Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 4:14 PM
>    To: ebtwg-ccs; ebxml-dev
>    Cc: bhandspicker; knaujok
>    Subject: One potential XML mapping for ebXML Core Components
>    ebXML Community,
>    For one of our clients we developed XML Schemas for business
>    documents based on the ebXML Core Components.  Of course, this
>    required us to create a mapping of the Core Components Data
>    Dictionary into a Core Components XML Schema.  With the encouragement
>    of our client (who enthusiastically supports public standards
>    efforts), we are contributing both "attribute rich" and "attribute
>    free" variants of these Core Components XML Schemas for consideration
>    by the ebXML and ebTWG community.
>    We are looking forward to suggestions for improvements, debate over
>    style of mapping, comments on our embedded comments, etc.
>    Brian Handspicker
>    N.B.  To satisfy UN/CEFACT's goal of openness, Foliage agrees to
>    remove any IPR
>    constraints or restrictions associated with this contribution.
>    Foliage offers this contribution for evaluation and standards
>    development purposes only, with no implied or explicit warrantee.
>    --
>    Brian D. Handspicker
>    Engineering Director
>    Foliage Software Systems, Inc.
>    bhandspicker@foliage.com
>    1-781-993-5500
>    www.foliage.com

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