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Subject: RE: API's Avilability to creat ebXML Message,to respond and for ebxML Messaging Service..


I think I understand your question... :-)
It is true that ebXML does not specify standards related to the payloads and
their structure... It is more of a lateral infrastructure/protocol for
universal b2b interaction. Rossettanet is more in the space of defining
domain specific payload formats, and processes etc...

But in ebXML, the payloads that go between 2 parties at run-time are
established in terms of nature of content, and dtd compliance etc, at the
stage of establishment of the CPA. (The collaboration protocol agreement).
This CPA, has references to the cpp, buss. protocol spec etc, which outlines
in detail, what this b2b interaction(s) is all about, and the rules that
need to be adhered to..This is also what drives the appropriate  processing
of the payload by the bussiness back end.

You will find the specification for the CPA, and the bpss on the ebXML

Also, the general tech architecture doc, on ebXML, (also on the ebXML site)
will clarify things for you..

Hope this helps...

> -----Original Message-----
> From: paner selvam [mailto:selvam@SAMSUNGSDSINDIA.com]
> Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2001 10:35 PM
> To: ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org; peter.kacandes@sun.com
> Subject: API's Avilability to creat ebXML Message, to respond and for
> ebxML Messaging Service..
> Dear Sir/Madam,
                        We are going to do a project on ebXMLMS(ebXML
Messaging Service) for B2B. I read the ebXML Message Service Specification
i.e ebXML Transport,Routing & Packaging Version 1.0 released on 11 may 2001.
It says that Message can contain Payload's  and the payload can have simple
plain text object or complex nested multi-part object . If the request is in
any format then how the Java application can know the request and how it
respond so. I formualted one slide using my ideas and requirements of ebXML
specifiation. So please go through and inform me the required API's to
create ebxML Messaging and API's to respond to request which contain payload
in any format.
Attachment has one power point slide.. which tells my request in a clear
Kind regards,
R.Panneer Selvam 


  Software Engineer 
Samsung SDS India Development Center 
40,Lavelle Road 
Bangalore-560 001 
Ph:91-80-2223975/6/7/8 Extn:241


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