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Subject: how to define proto-type

Dear sir/madam..,

we have 6 basic steps to achieve electronic transfer using ebXML.

       step 1: Company A requests for business details 

       step 2: Company A Builds local system implementation

       step 3: Company A Registers Implementation details and company details in repository.

       step 4: Company B querys about company profile,Download scenarios and profiles.

       step 5: Company A and B agree on business arrangements.

       step 6: Company A and B ready to Do business transactions. 

My question is what all the technologies we have to use for each step,where ebXML really come into picture in messaging.

i need a real picture of ebXML proto-type with flow and functionality with divertions.if possible give an example.

thanking you.


Kamalakara Reddy Ambati Software Engineer Samsung SDS India Development Center 40,Lavelle Road Bangalore-560 001 Ph:91-80-2223975/6/7/8 Extn:242

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