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Subject: ebXML deliveries and RosettaNet

Dear all,

1. I've been looking around ebxml.org and reading all the superb specs but
miss to find "real" examples of Business Documents or Transactions for the
most common business processes. Can you point me out to some examples?

2. Also, I've learned about the starting up of eBTWG. In its mandate we read
"Key Deliverables
The key deliverables of the eBTWG are:
Standard library of XML business grammar for XML document structures"
Shall I assume no XML business document structure was yet delivered?

3. If nr.2 is true, why is RosettaNet standardizing around ebXML as seen in
"From a universal messaging service standpoint, RosettaNet will support
ebXML. The ebXML messaging guidelines will be embedded into Rosetta-Net's
implementation framework (...)"
From a pratical point of vue, what would be the advantage for a company to
implement its B2B strategy based on ebXML instead of RosettaNet's PIPs?

Anyone so kind as to help a B2B-XML-dummy (me!)?
Best regards,

Miguel Cruz Pic„o

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