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Subject: Re: ebXML deliveries and RosettaNet

From: Miguel Cruz Pic„o <mp@viatecla.pt>
> why is RosettaNet standardizing around ebXML as seen in
> http://www.ebnews.com/story/OEG20010430S0111?
> "From a universal messaging service standpoint, RosettaNet will support
> ebXML. The ebXML messaging guidelines will be embedded into Rosetta-Net's
> implementation framework (...)"
> >From a pratical point of vue, what would be the advantage for a company
> implement its B2B strategy based on ebXML instead of RosettaNet's PIPs?

I don't speak for RosettaNet, but ebXML was heavily influenced
by RosettaNet, the people who designed it, and people who know
how it works.
ebXML is a lot like the next generation of RosettaNet.

-Bob Haugen

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