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Subject: real life problem


I've been reading postings on this list for a while, but have never posted.
I am a babe in the woods on some of this stuff, so please bear with me. I
have a real life problem with a customer and need some direction/ideas.

Customer has been told by supplier they will only do business via EDI. (hvac
industry). Customer does not want to sign up with an EDI VAN but would
rather come up with an XML based solution using the Internet. The only
transactions to be performed are the standard purchasing ones ie order,
acknowledgement, shipment etc.
Is there a way to do this today without hooking up with an EDI VAN?.

Any ideas?


Eric Limbeek
Norcron, Inc
3700 Mansell Road, Suite 220
Alpharetta, GA 30022
(404) 459-6500 X 103 / (404) 459-6506 (Fax)

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