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Subject: RE: real life problem

On Monday, October 01, 2001 3:41 PM, Pedro E. González Santini wrote:
> XEDI (www.xedi.org) provides for simple XML-EDI translation, without all
> business rules surrounding XML data formats.  Also, every EDI document 
> received should be acknowledged with another outgoing EDI confirmation;
programming  this
> without a proper translator can be difficult and not worth the time.
Thanks for the plug!  

XEDI was an XMLSolutions product and is now available with Vitria's EDI
Adapter.  XEDI was (and continues to be) the only adapter capable of
transforming any EDI transaction (X12 or EDIFACT, any version) into XML (and
back) with little or no mapping.  While XEDI lacked formal business rules,
Vitria's BusinessWare Server provides the robust BP platform and execution
that XEDI lacked.  See
for more info.
John Evdemon
CTO - XML/Director of Engineering

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